FitFest Sports Fesitval and Fitness Expo

September 7-8, 2024

Expo Hall at Florida State Fairgrounds






Welcome to FitFest, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Strength And Fitness Expo, now re-imagined and expanded to become the largest sports festival and fitness expo in Florida. FitFest is the pinnacle event where athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and industry professionals converge to celebrate the power of physicality, strength, and endurance. With a rich history of showcasing top-tier talent, hosting world-class competitions, and featuring industry-leading exhibitors, our event has become a beacon for those seeking unparalleled inspiration and cutting-edge innovations. Join us as we unite an entire community in a collective pursuit of fitness excellence at FitFest, where passion, camaraderie, and boundless possibilities await.


At FitFest, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse and exciting array of vendors who are passionate about fitness, health, and wellness. Our hand-picked selection of vendors represents the best in the industry, offering a wide range of products and services to enhance your fitness journey. From cutting-edge fitness equipment and apparel to nutritional supplements, wellness products, and innovative technology, our vendors bring the latest trends and advancements directly to you. Whether you’re looking for expert advice, high-quality gear, or unique fitness experiences, our vendors are here to inspire and support you on your path to optimal health and well-being. Explore the vendor booths, engage with knowledgeable professionals, and discover new ways to elevate your fitness game at FitFest.

Classes, Speakers, and Appearances

Our diverse range of fitness classes, led by top instructors, will challenge and invigorate participants of all levels. Meanwhile, our esteemed speakers will share their knowledge and expertise on topics such as nutrition, mindset, and performance optimization, providing valuable insights to help you reach your goals. Additionally, be prepared for special guest appearances from renowned athletes, influencers, and industry leaders who will share their personal stories and offer exclusive tips for success. With this incredible blend of education, motivation, and star power, FitFest ensures that you not only experience physical transformation but also gain the mental tools necessary to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Get ready to be inspired, learn from the best, and discover new dimensions of wellness at FitFest!

Title Sponsors

We are proud to acknowledge and extend our gratitude to the incredible title sponsors who have partnered with FitFest, and help to make it a premier fitness event.

Daiwa Massage Chair

Daiwa has been a pioneer in personal wellness, which is we are now a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury massage chairs in the United States. The Japanese word for “great harmony,” our company name conveys our mission: to help all parts of your body work together and achieve personal wellness through therapeutic massage.

Valor Fitness

Valor Fitness is committed to both the new and experienced fitness enthusiasts – whether it be cross-training, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, etc., Valor’s 400+ product line offers items for fitness professionals, studios, and gyms while never forgetting the home user.

1st Phorm

We are a St. Louis company founded on the mission to help real people get real and long-term results. And as a company, we understand that even as high quality as our supplements are, they’re not magic. Therefore, we not only work to make the best quality supplements possible, but we have a customer service team of NASM Certified Personal Trainers to help you with anything you need, for free! We also have a fitness app that brings together nutrition, training, and education to help you Simplify the Process, so you can Earn Your Results!

Sports and Athletic Events

Experience the thrill of athleticism and witness incredible feats of strength and skill at FitFest! Get ready to be captivated by a wide range of sports and athletic events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From awe-inspiring strength competitions to exciting team sports, and breathtaking displays of agility, FitFest offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the power and determination of athletes in action. Whether you’re cheering from the sidelines or immersed in the electric atmosphere of the arena, prepare to be inspired, amazed, and entertained. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of sports and athleticism at FitFest, where unforgettable moments and unforgettable memories await you. Interested in hosting your sport here? Email info@usafitfest.com to inquire.


Tampa Bay Games

One of the Southeast’s most highly rated CrossFit® Competitions since 2017, for athletes from novice to elite.


Florida State Championship

Florida State Championship for the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA). Saturday: Tested, Sunday: Open


Beasts of the Bay

USS sanctioned strongman competition featuring: Log Ladder, Farmers Walk, Sand Bag Carry, Sled Medley, and Max Axle Deadlift.

Olympic Weightlifting

Tampa Bay Open

A USA Weightlifting (USAW) sanctioned weightlifting competition open to all age and weight class categories


Natural Championships

United States Bodybuilding Federation (USBF) Southeast Natural Championshipsbodybuilding competition including figure, bikini, and physique championships.

Kids Zone

Enjoy our family friendly atmosphere with inflatables, face painting, and more. All complimentary with entry.

Charity Event

Kilos Against Cancer

Kilos Against Cancer is dedicated to raising both awareness and donations for cancer organizations through the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Jiu Jitsu


There is no other grappling competition event like it!  Open to everyone: Kids, Teens, Juveniles, Adults and Masters ages 4 years old and up.

Jungle Warz

Saturday @ 3:00pm

Open to Anyone
 Men: Bench Press Max Reps @ 225lbs, Bench Press Max Reps @ Bodyweight, Deadlift Max Reps at 315lbs
Women: Under 135lbs Bodyweight: Bench Press Max Reps @ 90lbs, Over 135lbs Bodyweight: Bench Press Max Reps @ 135lbs, Deadlift Max Reps @205lbs

CHAPMAN Challenge

Timed strength and stamina challenge on the Wunderwall. Top male and female will take home the coveted SPECIAL WARFARE AEGIS MEDAL. All athletes will receive various prizes based on time.

5K & Fun Run

Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a casual jogger, or just a fan of good vibes, the FitFest 5K welcomes all!


United States Strongman Masters Pro Worlds & Masters Florida State Championships


We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary lineup of special guest appearances for this year’s highly anticipated FitFest. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and educated by some of the industry’s most renowned experts, athletes, and influencers. From elite trainers and nutritionists to championship-winning athletes and influential wellness personalities, our special guests are ready to share their expertise, stories, and transformative insights. Interested in becoming a guest? Email info@usafitfest.com to inquire.

Andre Galvao

15x Black Belt World Champ
IBJJF & ADCC Hall of Fame

Patrick Vellner

3x 2nd CrossFit Games
2x 3rd CrossFitGames

Jay Wright

3x Mr. America
Mr. N. America
2x IPE World Champ
Mr. Atlas

Rob Kearney

4x World Strongest Man Competitor

Danielle Brandon

CrossFit Games Athlete

Julius Maddox

Bench Press All Time World Record Holder


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